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Stories in Songs - Writing the Lyrics

Melanie - Certified Story Grid Editor

Ever wonder how to develop your lyrics and actually write about something that's meaningful to you in a way that other people get it? The Stories in Songs Podcast is all about helping you look beyond lyric structure and form and concentrate on what's important: your lyric's message and how to deliver it. So learn how to wield the Power of Storytelling and Write Lyrics that truly make an Impact.I believe songs have the power to save lives. That's why I help musicians write powerful & engaging lyrics so that they get more fans and skyrocketing sales.Because here's the truth:SONGS ARE TOO VALUABLE TO BE STUFFED WITH BAD LYRICS.Songs have a purpose. They can change lives.Give your lyrics the power to make an impact.That's why the Stories in Songs podcast helps musicians write powerful & engaging lyrics so that they get more fans and sky🚀 sales. In this podcast, you'll learn how to use the power of storytelling for your own songwriting. You'll also get tips and tricks on how to analyze your songs so that you can create some amazing lyrics without hitting writer's block ever again. Hit subscribe and get ready to become a songwriting ninja.
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